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Lost Orders

An order is considered lost if tracking never confirms package status as "delivered". If tracking shows no movement or looks to be stuck after exceeding the appropriate amount of shipping days (2-3 weeks), then orders may be considered lost and a claim can be made by contacting customer service. Claims for orders lost in-transit must be filed no later than 30 days from the last available tracking update.

Stolen Orders

An order is considered stolen if tracking confirms package status as "delivered," but the package was not received. We ask that you wait 5 days from the day your package status was marked "delivered" before contacting customer service and filing your claim. This allows time for your package to arrive. Claims for stolen orders must be filed within 15 days from the date your package was marked "delivered".

Damaged Orders

If your item arrives damaged, unusable, or in an unacceptable condition, we encourage customers to file a claim immediately. Please contact customer service and include a photo reference of the damaged item and packaging received. Claims for damaged orders must be filed within 15 days from the date your package was marked "delivered".


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*Kills 99.9% of Phi X174, Bacteriophage, Influenza, Siphoviridae, Escherichia T4, Bacteriophage T7 and E.coli when held 1" or less above the surface for 10 seconds over plastic, metal, and glass surface areas and 20 seconds over cotton, wood, and cardboard surface areas and used as directed. Safe & Healthy™ has not yet been tested and approved for use in treating COVID-19 or novel coronavirus.

†Safe & Healthy™ should be used as one of many important precautions you should take to help reduce your risk of illness or infection. Use of the Safe & Healthy™ does not guarantee the user will avoid illness.

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