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How does it work?
Safe & Healthy™'s high frequency UV-C light disrupts the DNA of bacteria and viruses, destroying their ability to reproduce or survive.

How do you use it?
Simply turn Safe & Healthy™ on and hold it in place over the surface for 10 seconds.

How long does it take to work?
Safe & Healthy™ takes only 10 seconds to clean and disinfect surfaces.

What percentage of bacteria and viruses does it kill?
Safe & Healthy™ kills* 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

What other pathogens does it kill?
Safe & Healthy™ kills* Phi X-174 Virus, E.Coli, Penicillium, Citrinum (mold) and Germs.

What surfaces does it clean?
It cleans all surfaces – even hard to reach, delicate, soft surfaces that you can’t sterilize with traditional disinfectants.

What is the UVC spectrum that it generates?
Safe & Healthy™ generates 253.7 nanometers (nm).

Can the bulb be replaced?
The Safe & Healthy™ bulb is not replaceable.

How is it powered?
Safe & Healthy™ requires 2 AA batteries. Not Included. Safe & Healthy™ Deluxe is USB rechargeable.

Does it use chemicals?
Safe & Healthy™ is chemical free and odor free.


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*Kills 99.9% of the Phi X-174 virus, viruses found in the microviridae family, and E.coli in 10 seconds on plastic, metal and glass and 20 seconds on wood, porcelain, polyester, cotton, and cardboard, when placed 1.5 inches from surface.

†Safe & Healthy™ should be used as one of many important precautions you should take to help reduce your risk of illness or infection. Use of the Safe & Healthy™ does not guarantee the user will avoid illness.

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